Monday, 18 September 2017


When I was at the the NEC in July I bought some rusted fabric from Bex Raven.   I tore some of it up into 7 inch squares.

I also tore up 7 inch calico squares and for the backing some Tim Holtz fabric I had bought in Oregon.  I tore up some six inch squares of calico as well.  I put the rusted fabric onto the 7" calico with the 6" square sandwiched in between.

Here are some of the squares tacked together ready to stitch.

I used back stitch, running stitch, straight stitch and French Knots on the squares.  I used the rusted patterns to direct where the stitching went.  I also wrote a Bible verse on each square that was relevant to the theme of Pathways.  (Sorry it's not a very good photo)

When I had finished all of the squares I folded the calico over and attached the Tim Holtz fabric on the back by using running stitch around the square.

And here are all the squares together waiting to be attached to each other and the pole the hanging will hang from.

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Monday, 11 September 2017

National Michaelmas Daisy Collection

Last week we went to Ledbury because I wanted to see a textile exhibition by Textile Alumnae called Paths.  It's part of - Herefordshire Art Week which is on this week.

On our way we visited the National Collection of Michaelmas Daisies at The Picton Garden.  We had visited the collection before but possibly 20 years ago and we don't remember the garden at all.  It was beautiful and we were there at just the right time.  Here are my photos.

I love Michaelmas Daisies but as you can see those weren't the things that particularly caught my eye.  It was enough to walk amongst the daisies some of which were shoulder high.

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Friday, 8 September 2017

Make a Trifold Card

I quite often do photo descriptions on here of how I made something.  But here's a first for my blog - a video tutorial on how to make a tri-fold card.

It was originally made for an online class called God's Aviary for His Kingdom Come - an online Christian Creative community.  The theme of my card is Eagles but you could make one with any theme.

You can download the PDF instuctions here.

If you decide to make a card like this please share a link to it below.

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Monday, 4 September 2017

More on Venice

You may remember that I'm in a textile group called Traverse and we are working towards our first exhibition: Destinations.

I was searching for something (can't remember what now!), when I came across these squares.   And as the inspiration for them is Venice I thought I might be able to use them for our exhibition.

I can't believe it's over 12 months since I posted about this fabric I had printed and was initially going to make into a book.  But by this post it was going to be a hanging.

So now I've started working on the squares again.  I had already added some stitching.  The black bit on the bottom left hand square is rather too heavy and some of the squares still needed some added bits and some more stitching.

With the added extras and stitching

A close-up of some of the stitching

Pinned ready for some machine quilting.

I tried the machining and it looked dreadful so I unpicked it.  I auditioned the squares on several pieces of background fabric and decided on this.

But then what to do?

The possibilities are:
  • Cutting up the background fabric into strips and piecing it to the squares.
  • Sewing the squares to the background fabric either by hand or machine.
  • Sewing the squares to the background fabric with some wadding between the square and the background. either by hand or machine.
  • Adding wadding and a backing fabric and machine quilting based on one of the above.
  • Using deep stretched canvases and putting each square of fabric on as a tile.
Thinking time!

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Friday, 1 September 2017

Bucket Listing

I've been watching repeat editions of A Place in the Sun: Home or Away and several have included people who wanted to add more excitement to their lives.  And on an episode of Bargain Hunt there was a woman who had 60 things to do before 60 list - one of which was appearing on telelvision.

Which got me thinking!  Ok I know - I'm always thinking!  How could my life be more fun and exciting?   And I started researching Bucket Lists on Google.   Most lists seem to include a vast amount of money being spent on travel.

And then I remembered this list.

My second blog post ever was a list of 100 things to do in life.  I had done 30 of the things.  Since then I can add:
40. Seen Michelangelo's David
51. Gone scuba diving or snorkeling
57. Started a business
68. Flown in a helicopter
70. Visited the Lincoln Memorial
73. Stood in Times Square
79. Seen the Grand Canyon in person
85. Read the entire Bible
86. Visited the White House - does standing outside the railings count?
95. Seen the Alamo in person

I discovered this blog post as well which featured lists.  Well, didn't feature lists but the thought of lists.  In fact at my 60th birthday party I gave everyone post it notes and asked them to suggest things I could put on a bucket list.  I seem to remember it wasn't the most successful idea! I seem to remember they didn't take it very seriously and came up with some distinctly daft ideas.  I threw them in the bin!

So I was thinking about making a list of 70 things to do before I'm 70.  Two years to do 70 things.  That should be feasible.  110 weeks.

However making the list is proving really hard.  I don't want to do the bungee jumping, sky diving, zip lining stuff.   And when I looked at all these lists on Google I realised I have had a much more exciting life than I give it credit.  And it's been a really privileged life.

I toyed with the idea of listing here everything that I had done, but felt it was rather boastful.  Suffice to say, I have been to a lot of places and done a lot of things.  What I've realised is that I do the things, place a tick in a virtual box (inside my head) and then move on to planning the next thing.  So I'm going to spend some time writing down the list of amazing and exciting things I've done.

And during all the adventures that come my way in the next 2 years and beyond I am going to spend more time appreciating just how fortunate I am.

Have you got a bucket list?

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Monday, 28 August 2017

Taco book

Christine Chester has designed a range of thermofax screens in conjunction with Thermofax Screens.  And being totally addicted to thermofax screens (along with Washi Tape!) I just had to buy some.

I thought I was very restrained - I only bought 4.  Peeling Paint, Raindrops, Shatter and Spatter 1.

And of course I needed to try them out.  I used some circles of Khadi paper.  I started with Paper Artsy paint but it was too thin and so I returned to Amsterdam acrylic paints.

Spatter 1 and Shatter

Spatter 1 and Peeling Paint

Peeling Paint

Raindrops and Shatter
I tried the Peeling Paint screen on some printed fabric.

And when the acrylic paint was dry on the Khadi paper I painted it with Koh-I-Noor dye.  Which turned out a bit yellow!

I thought I would make the papers into a book.  Which is when I found out that the circles weren't geometrically correct or exactly the same size.

But never mind!  I've stuck them together and I'll paint the bits that are showing white.

And when it's closed - it looks like a taco!

Ah well.  I'll paint and stamp and doodle on it.  I think!

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PS: Have you left a comment on the last post to win a copy of the July/August Somerset Studio?  You have until midnight tonight.

Friday, 25 August 2017

More books!

Yes I know!

I said no more books!  I said it publicly in this post: Books on Creativity.

But then!

There were these!

I blame Bobby Britnell for this one.  At the workshop in Llanidloes she had a copy of this book for us to look at as part of our research into other artists' work.   I totally fell for the book.  There was another one called Maps by the same artist but it's out of print and is £244 on Amazon for something that was issued at about £9.95

This one I saw on Facebook and ordered it from the new & used section on Amazon.  When I got to the Festival of Quilts the authors had an exhibition of the work featured in the book.

And lastly I just bought this.  And then realised I already had a copy  - I bought it in the US in June.

So, for UK peeps only, I'm doing a giveaway.  Comment below on why you would like the magazine by the end of Monday 28th August and I will randomly choose one person to send this copy to.  You can see what's in it on the Stampington site.

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