Monday, 24 April 2017


We had a long drive from just south of Savannah to Cocoa Beach.   We had hoped to stop for lunch in St. Augustine but it was full to overflowing with people so we kept going.  We happened upon a roadside cafe (America doesn't really go in for these like we do in the UK!)  JT's Seafood Shack.  The food was wonderful.

We got to the hotel in Cocoa Beach rather later than I had planned but with enough time to freshen up before we went to Rejuvenate - the ladies getaway organised by The House, Palm Bay.  The guest speaker was Terri Savelle Foy.

On Saturday morning we got up early to see the sunrise.  Actually it wasn't really early - the sun came up at 7.15am

The sunrise was all about the soft pinks and greys but this is what the camera did when I pointed the camera directly at the sun.

And this was the view from the hotel room we were in.

Elaine & I at the event.

After the event had finished we tried to walk on Cocoa Beach but it was a mass of people.  We drove south intending to go to Viera Mall.  I should have looked at the map as we should have gone north.  Not to worry, we went to other shops instead!

We drove down to Melbourne Beach where we had something to eat and a little wander on the beach.

A pelican flypast.

And as we drove to Kenny & Betsy's we saw this sunset.

Our stay in Palm Bay was much less hectic.  Church on Sunday and lunch with K&B's son and his family.

On Monday Kenny, Betsy, Elaine & I had a more leisurely day and we went to Captain Hiram's for a late lunch.  There's always such a great view from the table.

We drove back up the A1A and stopped off at Coconut Point.

And now a rarity!  All four mothers-in-law together in one place.
From left to right: Betsy - mother of Wayne, Lisa and Naomi; Marie - Wayne's mother-in-law; Elaine - Lisa's mother-in-law and me - Naomi' mother-in-law.

I had a couple of days left in Florida which involved a trip to Orlando to take Elaine to the airport and a day out with my friend Suki before I too left for Orlando and a flight to Washington DC.

Still more to come!  I hope you are enjoying your armchair travels.

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Friday, 21 April 2017

Hilton Head Island and Savannah

After our lovely time in Charleston we drove to Hilton Head Island.  In the evening we drove to Harbourtown for dinner.  We somewhat surprised to arrive at a gated community where we had to pay $6 to get in.  However, having paid our money we drove hrough into what turned out to be a resort.

We had a great dinner and drove back to the hotel.

The next morning we went to investigate one of the beaches on the island.  We were much taken with this sign!

Coligny beach was beautiful

Having got our fill of sun, sea and sand we drove off towards Savannah.  We stopped off at the Ann Taylor shop where I spent a lot of money and Elaine almost got offered a job as she played at being my personal shopper.

If you are planning to visit Charleston & Savannah we would recommend you go to Savanah first.  It's not as pretty as Charleston and we think it would be better to finish your trip in delightful Charleston.  Anyway, more photos of architecture coming up!

We walked down to the riverfront and this is looking in one direction.

Then behind me

And then along the other way!

John Wesley lived in Savannah for a while

We got on a free bus that took us to Forsyth Park where there was a beautiful fountain.

Walking back to the car we passed more interesting buildings.

We drove to the hotel for the night.  Despite all my careful planning this was much nearer to Savannah than it needed to be.  However I wasn't sure how much time we would spend in Savannah so it was probably the right decision.  However it did make for a very long drive the next day to Cocoa Beach in Florida.

Next instalment on Monday.

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Monday, 17 April 2017

The road trip begins.

Have you read part one of my trip?  Great!  Here's part 2.  The road trip begins.

I flew into Orlando where I met up with my friend Elaine.  How do you know Elaine I hear you ask!  Well (deep breath) she is from England and she is my daughter-in-law's sister's mother-in-law.  Or is this a better description, she's my son's wife's sister's husband's mother.  I bet you wish you hadn't asked!

Anyway, we picked up the hire car and drove to a hotel at Palm Coast.  Getting in and out of this car I managed to bang my head.  In the morning we discovered that the car was a Jaguar SE and I'm sure Hertz felt this was an upgrade.  It was lovely to drive once you had worked out how not to bang your head.

Let's get to the photos.

It was a long drive to Charleston - through northern Florida, across the whole of Georgia and into South Carolina.  We stopped off at Magnolia Plantation before going to the hotel.

This was the plantation house which we didnt go inside.

However I pressed the camera to the window to get this.

The grounds were beautiful.  Lots of water and bridges.  Sadly the camellias and azaleas were over.

We spotted this alligator

Walked through a bamboo grove

And as we were going back to the car park, saw the slave cabins which were built well away from the main house - so the owner couldn't see them.

The next day we drove into Charleston.  Mary had mentioned a walk you could do through gardens and graveyards so we tried that out.

The road trip was part of the celebration of Elaine's 60th birthday later this year.  So as a birthday treat we went on a horsedrawn carriage ride around Charleston.  It was the best hour of the whole road trip.

We loved all the different styles of architecture.  We walked around a little more.  We went to the park to see the famous pineapple fountain.

This was the interior of a shopping mall

And a last look at the architecture as we drove out of Charleston.

Our next stop is Hilton Head Island and on to Savannah.

Join me on Friday for that!

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