Monday, 20 March 2017

Bloxwich to Pelsall

Last week Roger and I went for another of our canal walks.  We took the train to Bloxwich and walked from there to Pelsall along the Wyrley and Essington Canal.

I have so many photos from all our canal walks and there are only so many photos of brown water going round a bend that one person could want.

So I decided to be a little more intentional about my photographs.


I don't usually take photographs of grafitti because usually I can't tell what they say and I worry that it might be something rude.  However the quality of this art and the shading was so good.

And here are a couple of abstract art reflections.

Despite being intentional I still came home with 43 photographs.  However that's less than half of what I usually take.

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Friday, 17 March 2017

Ruth Issett workshop

I recently attended a two day workshop organised by Becca of Textile Explorations.  It was held in a fabulous community association building in Yate near Bristol.

The workshop was taught by Ruth Issett who is well known for her colour expertise.   The first process of the day was to dye 9 main colours.   Ruth had chosen Antique Gold, Golden, Lemon, Magenta, Carmine Red, Scarlet, Medium Blue, Cerulean Blue and Turquoise.

Here are all my fabrics, dried and ironed.  (Yes! I picked up an iron!)

The second process involved choosing 2 colours which we mixed in 3 different proportions to create a family of colour.  Here are mine drying overnight.

And altogether before ironing.  Yes I ironed these as well.

I recorded the colour mixing for each set of 2 colours.

Two of the colour families followed on from each other.

I love this bundle of threads that frayed from the fabrics.

These are all the little bits I cut of each strip I stuck into my sketchbook.

I used some of the little bits to make these colour collages which need to be stitched.

The two days were fantastic.  I learned such a lot.

Thank you Becca for organising the workshop.  And thanks to Ruth for her excellent teaching.

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Monday, 13 March 2017

Call to Adventure #9

The challenge this time was to go to a place where you wouldn't normally take photographs.  Part of the challenge was to not worry about whether a photo was 'good' but to find interest in unlikely places.

I chose the delivery yard behind the building we meet in for church.  Not a place I normally hang out!  Or take photos but I found lots of patterns.


This is the one I like best.

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