Tuesday, 4 August 2015


After I had finished my altered book I wanted to play with the products that Shonna had designed for me.

Shonna designed 8 Thermofax screens and Kate Andre designed the 2 word ones.

Shonna designed this set of stamps.

How exciting is that - to have people design and make products for you!!!!  And you can't just have them sitting there, can you?

I needed to play!   But time has been a little short lately so rather than just play for the sake of it, I played at making the backgrounds for my Take Me Deeper pages in September.

Yes, I know that's getting ahead of myself but the theme for September is Promises - and I know this because I had just finished writing the weekly prompts and had sent them off to Mary for editing.

The theme for these pages is 'The Promise of Forgiveness'.   I used the olive branch image to represent forgiveness.   I wiped 3 colours of acrylic paint across the pages.

I used the stamp I had made from Shonna's design.  To make it, I used the thermofax screen on a piece of paper and cut the image out.  I drew round it on some cellulose foam and cut out the stamp.  You have to wet the foam to make it thick and sponge like and then I stuck it on some acrylic packaging.

 I printed with some acrylic paint.

  And when dry I went over it - sketchily - with a white pen.

On this double page spread I used black acrylic paint through the palm branch screen.  The theme for this week is 'The Promise of Wisdom'.  I used the palm branch as a symbol of righteousness and justice.  And the bell and pomegranate from the description of Aaron's robe in Exodus 28:33-34 which i feel links with the wisdom give to Bezalel in Exodus 35:30-35

Then I sprayed with Dylusions red ink spray.

It was too bright so I sprayed Dylusions White Linen spray through a stencil.

And dried off the stencil on another page!

I stamped the bell and the pomegranate stamps randomly on the page.

I coloured the pomegranates with a purple gel pen.  I did four layers so that it looks enamelled.  And I added gold leaf to the bells.

I drew on the palm branches with a white pen.

The theme for these pages is 'Equipped for Life'.   In the Promised Land God provided everything that was needed so I used all of the images.

I applied the acrylic paint and when dry I added the thermofax xcreen images using white acrylic paint.   I didn't use much paint so the images are quite faint.

I added black highlights with a black pen.

And then I thought I would play some more.  I don't make cards but I like making tags.  However I think a tag like this would work as a topper on a card.

I bought some paper napkins that had bottles of wine on but the labels are Love and Joy and things like that.  I tore this bottle from the napkin and took the top layer and glued it to the tag.  I used the coloured spots from the napkin too on the small tag.  I used the vine stamp and stamped on the large tag and the vine leaf on the small tag.  I inked the edges of the tags.  I could have coloured in the stamped images but decided to leave them as they are.  I glued the small tag to the large one and then wrapped the string round.

If you've never used Thermofax screens, here's a short video on how easy they are to use.

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Monday, 3 August 2015

Altered Book

I have no idea where July went.  In June I asked you to come back to find out more about my altered book.  And I have just realised that I didn't do the follow up post.  Sorry about that.  So here it is.

This is a flip through of the whole book.  The book is based on Deuteronomy 8:7-8

And here are some of the individual pages.

I really loved making this book.  I made it as part of a class for His Kingdom Come.

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Sunday, 2 August 2015

National Colouring Book Day

Colouring books are the new thing!  And not just for children.  I have seen so many articles on the health benefits of colouring in for adults.  So why not join in?

As regular readers know I helped form the online community His Kingdom Come and we have 3 colouring books available to download from the HKC Shop.

And the team decided that today we would share our coloured pages in honour of National Colouring Book Day.   Shonna started us off with a blog post on the HKC site.

Here are some of my pages:
This is from Shonna's God's Girls Colouring Book.

I coloured it in with Inktense watercolour pencil crayons.

And then went over the colouring with a wet brush.

This is a page from Narda's Creative Call Colouring Book.  She made this to go alongside a Book Study of The Creative Call that I was leading on the HKC site.

I used the Inktense pencils again and used a very, very small brush to wet the colour.

I also coloured a page from Paula's Scripture Snippets colouring book.

I've put together a free colouring sheet for you to download.  It is based on the designs drawn by Shonna for my Altered Books class based on The Promised Land.

I used watercolour paints and gel pens to colour mine:
(The blue lines in the background are from my printer and are not on the download)

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Saturday, 1 August 2015

TMD: Honour week 5

Take Me Deeper is a weekly Bible Study from His Kingdom Come.  Each month we have a theme and the theme for July was Honour.

I wrote the prompts for this month with the aid of the series Rob Davey brought at Jubilee Church and a talk by Becky Webb on what it means to encounter the Kingdom of God like a child.   You can listen to Rob's Talks here.

Last week's theme was Honouring Others.  This week we are looking at Honouring Ourselves.

I had used the map stencil last week and wiped it off on the pages for this week.

Then I added the bible page and gesso as before.  I journaled on the page.  I turned the journal upside down to write several sentences.   Then I turned the journal 90 degrees and wrote the remaining sentences over the top.

I sprayed some more turquoise ink on the two pages which made the writing run as I hadn't used a waterproof ink pen.   I used a stencil and some pink spray ink to do the page on the right.

I used the vine Thermofax screen again with black and white acrylic paint.  I drew round the letters in the words courage, freedom and grace with an orange pen to highlight them.

I printed out the verse and glued it down.

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Monday, 27 July 2015

More scavenger hunt photos

Roger & I went away for three days and this time I printed out the scavenger hunt list and took it with me.  And got Roger involved in it too!

I found repeat opportunities for some of the photos I have blogged already.  Who can resist a photo of a public toilet that is built inside the tower of the lodge gate of a castle?

#12 A public restroom, bathroom, or toilet

inside this building!

Whilst we were away I also found

#9  A tent

#14  A traffic signal.  The red lights flash when the barrier comes down.

#15 A flag pole with at least 3 flags on it.

#16 A panoramic view, taken while standing someplace high in the air.  This photo cannot count for #20 as well as it is a reservoir not a lake.

#20 A natural body of water.  Roger spotted this large pond as we walked.

On our way home we stopped off in Leominster and saw this:

Alternative A: People eating outside.
I think I shall probably substitute this for #7: A turtle.  We don't have turtles in the UK unless they are in a pet shop or a zoo. I have lots of photos of turtles in Florida but they don't count!

We stopped off at the supermarket as we neared home and I was able to get this photo:

#1.  A bouquet of flowers

Sadly I saw at least 4 of the other items on the list but wasn't in the right place to take the photo.  Never mind!  An opportunity will arise.

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Saturday, 25 July 2015

TMD: Honour week 4

Take Me Deeper is a weekly Bible Study from His Kingdom Come.  Each month we have a theme and the theme for July is Honour.

I wrote the prompts for this month with the aid of the series Rob Davey brought at Jubilee Church and a talk by Becky Webb on what it means to encounter the Kingdom of God like a child.   You can listen to Rob's Talks here.

Last week's theme was Honouring God.  This week we are looking at Honouring Others.

As before I glued the bible pages to the journal page with gesso and sprayed a turquoise Color Bloom spray ink through a map stencil.  Then I scraped modelling paste through a stencil to represent the living water of the Spirit.

Whilst I was thinking of the body being many parts that are joined together it made me think of a jigsaw.  I have a large chipboard jigsaw (yet to be altered) so I drew round the pieces.

I printed out the verse and glued it down.

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Monday, 20 July 2015

Scavenger Hunt

I have printed off the Scavenger Hunt list and hope to remember to take it with me when I go out!  There's still time to join in.  You can find the list here.

#3  A person walking a dog

#6  A metal bridge

#12  A public restroom, bathroom, or toilet

The metal bridge is over the canal at Kingswood Junction and we walked a little way from there to the Navigation Inn where we had lunch and I visited this rather tasteful restroom!

I should have taken a photo of us eating lunch outside at the pub as it's one of the alternatives in the list.  Never mind.  There's always next time.

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